Mum says she caught UFO on camera as she filmed planes at airport with her son

Erika McDougall has lived outside Los Angeles airport for over 20 years, but says she’s never seen something like this before despite regularly watching the planes

A mum has claimed to have caught a UFO on camera as she watched planes with her son.

Erika McDougall’s boy Jeremy spotted the shiny disc-shaped craft in the sky as they sat in their garden.

She said: “Jeremy was in the backyard with me just chatting before having a late dinner.

“Marisa, my daughter-in-law was inside in the kitchen. Jeremy was facing the mountain range.

“All of a sudden he stopped talking to me and said: ‘Wow look at that. What is it’?

“But by the time I turned around it was gone.

“He described it as an amber colour light brighter than he’d ever seen.

“He said he thought at first it was a plane but too bright.

“It hovered for a second then took off and disappeared. By the time he finished describing it to me it appeared again.

“There was absolutely no noise.

“Once Jeremy and I saw it together he called Marisa to come outside and see it. It was pretty high up and far away, at least from our vantage point.”

Erika added the family watch commercial airlines fly in and out of Los Angeles airport, California from their home in Corona every day – and this was something they’d never seen before in over 20 years.

She added: “In the second video that my son took, there was actually a large passenger plane flying underneath the UFO on its normal flight path.

“Heading the opposite way of the UFO. “But my son zoomed in on the UFO so you’re not able to see this aeroplane unfortunately.

“But you do hear me mentioning it in the video.

“We have seen dozens of planes daily for over 20 years from our backyard location, since the flight path falls against the hills in our neighbourhood.

“We’ve never seen or experienced anything like what happened.

“The brilliance was amazing. And it was not coming from the sun setting. It was all from the object.”

Erika doesn’t believe the object was a drone and added: “It was way too high.

“We have friends that have drones. There’s no way they go up that high.

“Plus the brightness was incredible. None of us had ever seen something that bright.

“It was nothing we’d ever seen and we’ve lived in this house for 21 years.”

The strange sighting comes after the Pentagon finally admitted it probes UFO sightings after remaining silent on the issue for decades.