Mum left feeling gobsmacked after breaking double yolk eggs eight days in a row

Mum Claudine Wilson, from Manchester, thinks she’s broken a world record after breaking double yolked eggs every single day for more than a week

A stunned mum has been left feeling extremely lucky after defying the odds by cracking double yolk eggs eight days a in row.

In fact, shell-shocked Claudine Wilson, from Manchester, felt so lucky she bought herself a lottery ticket “expecting to win millions,” but was disappointed when she only landed a cash prize of £9.

Baffled Claudine called in daughter Meg Wilson to come and see her first double yolker when she was making herself a breakfast omelette last month.

Over the next week, the astonished family watched as seven more eggs from the same box of 12 were revealed to have two yolks.

Meg, 22, decided to start filming her mum’s incredible reactions each morning, as she became increasingly excited with every double yolker she discovered.

The chances of cracking a single double yolker are thought to be one in a 1,000, however it’s thought a second double yolker could be slightly more likely if the following eggs come from the same bird, at around 1 in a 100.

Even assuming that all of the eight eggs came from the same bird, the sum would equate to 1,000 x 100 x 100 x 100 x 100 x 100 x 100 x 100 – which would be 100 quadrillion.

Claudine said: “When I saw the first egg I couldn’t believe it because double eggs are so rare. But as I started to crack more and more doubles I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s very rare to get one double yolk egg, let alone eight.

“I went to go and get a lottery ticket as I’ve been told double yolk eggs are good luck. I was hoping my luck would continue so that I would win big after such a lucky week.”

Meg, who works in mining, said: “When she saw the first one, she was really excited and shouted us all down. She cracked one a day every day for seven days to make an omelette and all bar four were doubles.

“Every day we’d rush down to watch her crack them. She couldn’t believe it. She was getting everyone around to watch every day while she was making her omelette.

“She was taking photos every time and sending them to my dad while he was at work. He didn’t care, he just wanted her to stop sending him photos of eggs.”

Meg later posted the clips of her mum cracking the eggs and jumping around in excitement on TikTok, where it has since wracked up more than 40,000 likes.

She said: “I posted it on TikTok and people were talking about old wives tales and saying it was good luck or it means someone is having twins.

“Mum went out to get a lottery ticket but she didn’t win much sadly. She was expecting millions.”